> Nerd Nite No. 31, October 31, 2013 – HALLOWEEN PARTY!

Nerd Nite No. 31, October 31, 2013 – HALLOWEEN PARTY!


Get out your needle and thread, your hot glue guns, your stage makeup and your nerd glasses, because we are having a Nerd Nite Halloween Party!  It will be a horrifying yet delightful mash-up of a regular Halloween party and a regular Nerd Nite.  To wit: we’ll have a costume contest with rad prizes brought to you by Quirk Books, Frankford Hall and the Nerd Nite Philly team.  See details in the flyer below for costume contest categories.  We’ll have candy, we’ll have beer (with happy hour specials all night long) and we’ll also have speakers.

Thursday, October 31, 8 pm onward

Frankford Hall


In particular, we’re excited to bring you the 2013 Geek Award-winning Scientist of the Year and great friend of Nerd Nite Kimberlee Moran who will spook you with “Tales from the Crypt”.  Nerd Nite co-boss Michelle Bland will scare you silly with “Horrors of Invertebrate Genetics”.  Blurbs below:

“Tales from the Crypt” by Kimberlee Moran
Ghosts, vampires, and zombies…oh my!  This Halloween learn the science behind death and some of our favorite ghouls.  We’ll learn about what happens to the body as it decomposes along with the facts behind vampires.  Finally, you’ll sleep easy tonight after learning why you’re safe from a zombie apocalypse.

“Horrors of Invertebrate Genetics” by Michelle Bland
Biologists love making and finding new mutations to get a handle on how life works.  Sometimes, though, nature turns out to be made up of the stuff of nightmares.  Witness the dreadful spectacle of Drosophila development gone awry!  Sit transfixed in terror at the menace of zombified insects!  And learn the horrifying meaning of “bag of worms”.

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