> Nerd Nite – the Return!

Nerd Nite – the Return!

Nerd Nite Philadelphia returns with our first event of 2022, and our first event at The Bourse! We are super excited to usher in this new era of nerdery with you and we’ll be doing so with three incredible talks:

Margaret Huang, “A Portal into Duchamp”

The Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA), the Association Marcel Duchamp, and the Centre Pompidou have teamed up to provide free access to more than 18,000 documents and artworks, comprising nearly 50,000 digitized images, related to the work and life of Marcel Duchamp through the Duchamp Research Portal (https://www.duchamparchives.org/). Learn about the history of the relationship between Duchamp and the PMA, what it took to build this portal, and how it speaks to larger library and archival trends related to digital preservation, digitization, and open access.

BIO: Margaret Huang (she/her) is the Martha Hamilton Morris Archivist in the museum’s Library and Archives and has been the project manager for the Duchamp Research Portal since 2017. She holds a master’s degree in library and information science from the University of Pittsburgh. She is passionate about making the museum’s archival resources and information discoverable, usable, and accessible in an equitable way.

AJ Freeman, “What Color Is Our Sky?”

Many of us don’t properly appreciate that color, in human handcraft, is a powerful form of technology…Van Gogh could only dream of using certain shades of Blue, and the secrets of Purple were once so jealously guarded that for most, to wear it was to take one’s life into one’s hands.The history of humankind is illustrated in color, and in “What Color is Our Sky,” we explore the role of these shades in shaping civilization. What was the first color? Why was the first synthetic fabric dye a medical miracle? Why is Red the most common color used in national flags? Why do the Flyers wear Orange? These answers and even more questions in “What Color is Our Sky?”

BIO: AJ Freeman is one of the region’s foremost chronochromatic experts and author of “64 to Infinity: Love Letters in Crayon. His favorite color is Indigo, because Isaac Newton pretty much made it up.

Neil P. Bardhan, “The Power of Breakfast Sandwiches”

When was the last time you stopped to think about what a breakfast sandwich contained? Not literally. Metaphorically. (Well, also literally.) “The Power of Breakfast Sandwiches” reminds us that simple foods can bring people together on many levels and with great impact.

BIO: Neil P. Bardhan is Philadelphia’s leading expert on breakfast sandwiches. Neil is the Director of Applied Storytelling at First Person Arts, where he also is a producer for the #US – Unique and Shared Experiences podcast. He serves as Executive Director at Broad Street Review.Since 2013, Neil has coached speakers and led workshops in applied improvisation, storytelling, and technical communication, helping professionals tell their stories for diverse settings. He appeared in segments of WHYY’s “Commonspace” and “The Pulse.” His live speaking credits include First Person Arts, The Story Collider, Nerd Nite, Ignite Philly, and the Awkward… and The City shows. Neil performs improv with The N Crowd and co-hosts My Dinner with Ryaneil PT Bardhanlow. Follow him on Twitter at @NeilPBardhan and Instagram at @Knilegram.

Join hosts Simon Joseph and Chris Cummins for all this fun on Wednesday, April 6th at The Bourse, 111 S Independence Mall E. The fun will take place from 6-9pm.

$10 admission. Cash and Venmo.


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