> Philly Nerd Nite Summer Update

Philly Nerd Nite Summer Update

Dear Nerds,

Nerd Nite is on summer vacation! We’re planning to restart in September, but we have to clear a couple of hurdles.

First, we need a new venue! Unfortunately, MarBar (and Marathon Grill downstairs) in West Philly have closed forever. The important features in a new venue are:

space for a group of 100 or so
alcoholic beverages for sale
proximity to public transportation
A/V equipment (projector and microphones).

Please send any suggestions to

Second, we need a new co‑boss! Running Nerd Nite is a job for two, and Melissa has moved to Washington D.C. Is anyone interested in stepping into her shoes? The job of running Nerd Nite consists mainly of finding speakers and performers, getting information to them about how Nerd Nite works, sending out some emails and Facebook
notifications about the event, showing up about 45 minutes early on the night of Nerd Nite to get things set up, and announcing speakers and performers. If you don’t want to make a big time commitment but would still be interested in helping Nerd Nite run smoothly we have jobs for you, too! If you’re interested, please email ‑ Michelle will be happy to answer questions and fill you in on additional details.

Finally, we’d love to hear your recommendations for possible speakers and performers. You don’t need to have a PhD or a recording contract to be a part of Nerd Nite. All you need is a passion for the topic you are speaking on and the willingness to share your talents, as amateur as they may be, in front of 100+ people. Everyone reading this e-mail must know someone who fits into either of those categories, so please, send us their contact info!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again in the fall. And please do send along your suggestions ‑ you may have thought of a venue, speaker, or performer that we haven’t.


Michelle and Melissa

The Nerd Nite Philly Team

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