> Nerd Nite No. 67: Aquatic Insects, Noir Cabaret, and Plant Music!

Nerd Nite No. 67: Aquatic Insects, Noir Cabaret, and Plant Music!

We are having a bonus Nerd Nite at The Rail Park! Joining us for this evening of outdoor nerdery will be:

Stephanie Kroll will present “Amazing Aquatic Insects: Adaptations for Living in Water.”

Did you know that a caddisfly knows how to fish, or that many beetles are actually scuba divers, taking their own air stores into the water? Streams and rivers are often thought of as calm, relaxing places, but the physical environment within waterways can be a tough place to live. Aquatic insects have been facing the challenges of living in water for millions of years, and they have a diverse array of adaptations that have made them successful.

I am Assistant Research Professor in Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES Department) at Drexel, and a Project Science Director at the Academy of Natural Sciences for a collaborative program that protects clean water, called the Delaware River Watershed Initiative.  The Initiative works with over 50 non-profit organizations working to protect water resources.  My group does research and takes samples from streams throughout the Basin, and I also have a laboratory to identify aquatic insects.  I have been living in Philly for 3.5 years and before that I lived in Spain for 8 years, where I worked as a translator and interpreter until I started graduate school there.  I’m from Central New York, and grew up fishing and camping in the Adirondacks and saving spiders from getting squashed.

Jeremy Gable and Sam Tower will give a talk entitled “Distressing the Damsel

Playwright Jeremy Gable and creator/director Sam Tower will discuss the history of film noir, as well as how the genre’s tropes were reconfigured for the shows 901 Nowhere Street and Nowhere Fast.

Sam Tower and Jeremy Gable are opposites to an almost sitcom-like degree. However, their mutual love of genre-bending, dance-infused, female-focused theatre has united them as director and playwright under the sobriquet of Sam Tower + Ensemble. Their 2015 production, 901 Nowhere Street, featured a host of badass femme fatales and, among other things, a dancing unicorn.

Finally, Loretta Maps Bolt will take us on an adventure all about “What if you could talk to plants? Or better yet what if the plants could talk back to you…

Here at Cannatunes we hope to discover and archive all the music the earth has to offer us directly and make it available to the public. The knowledge and wisdom of the earth is being given in the form of musical notes and harmonies that can be corelated to a form of language. Cannatunes creates state of the art galvonic response music instillations for those in plant based industries who want deeper relationships with thier products and customers.
Long time traveler and student of the indigineous wisdom story of her ancestors, Loretta has created a new paradigm for living. Forever Farmer, compassionate reiki healer, and creator of plant music; Loretta takes these skills and uses them in a holistic way to impart the mysteries of ascension.

PLUS! A tie-in with Jeremy and Sam’s talk, Alec MacLaughlin will perform a set featuring his unique brand of gritty guitar ambience. MacLaughlin’s music scored the theatrical worlds of 901 Nowhere Street, Nowhere Fast and New Paradise Laboratories’ 27. Jess Conda, BRAT Artistic director, will perform some of Nowhere Fast‘s rock noir inspired cabaret covers, accompanied by MacLaughlin.

The details:
Wednesday, September 21st

PHS Pop Up Garden at the Viaduct Rail Park

10th and Hamilton, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123

7:30 pm. $5

See you there!

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