> Nerd Nite No. 69: l’Unifolié, Inside the Foot, Film Noir and more!

Nerd Nite No. 69: l’Unifolié, Inside the Foot, Film Noir and more!

Changing Canada’s Flag

Ever wonder how our Neighbors to the North chose their iconic flag? Come listen to this tale of political intrigue that starts with winning a Nobel Prize, ends in death threats, and leaves a certain college professor salty fifty years after the fact.

Simon “the Cannibal” Joseph (@Cannibal_Simon) is, among other things, the host of the much neglected podcast, The Vexillogicast. He’s also co-boss of Philly Nerd Nite and hosts board game nights at both Frankford Hall and South House. Finally, seeing as it’s election season, he’ll gladly talk your ear off about mixed-member proportional representation and how deeply flawed our current election system is.

The Ground Connection: Why You Should Be Aware of Your Feet

26 bones, 33 joints, and over a hundred small muscles and small tendons; and that’s just one of them. The human foot is one of the more intricate, complex and fascinating parts of the human body. Acting as the sole connection through ourselves and the earth below, we rely heavily on our feet to guide us through our day and allow us to participate in all the activity we love to do. Have you ever wondered how and why our feet are made to function the way they are? Have you ever looked down at them and wondered why the hell they hurt so bad? Join us as I take you on a journey of the foot and offer all the reasons why you need to be more aware of them than ever before.

My name is Dr. Matthew Klayman (@MatthewKlayman) and I am a Physical Therapist at Zarett Rehab and Fitness located in the Rittenhouse area. I recently graduated from Rutgers University with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy and have a strong passion in the treatment and understanding of orthopedic issues related to the lower extremity and foot. I have also attained my ACSM Health Fitness Specialist and a Bachelor of Sciences in Kinesiology at Penn State University. I am a runner in my spare time, completing two marathons and countless half marathons as well and have developed a particular interest in all types of running shoes. Although I am from New Jersey I have made a home in Philadelphia currently residing in the Queens Village neighborhood.

Distressing the Damsel

Playwright Jeremy Gable will explore the history of film noir, how it changed the way we watch movies, and how its typically male-driven world is bringing in some diamond-tough ladies in the upcoming rock cabaret “Nowhere Fast”.

Jeremy Gable (@Jeremy_Gable) is a local playwright whose works have been seen at Philadelphia Theatre Company, InterAct, Theatre Exile, Azuka, and Theatre Horizon. He writes about the triumphs and struggles of women in the 21st century. As the Resident Playwright for Sam Tower + Ensemble, he penned the script to last year’s Fringe Festival hit “901 Nowhere Street”, as well as the upcoming “Nowhere Fast”. He spends his day just trying to figure this whole damn thing out.

Entertainment by local artist Mike “FonzaRelli” Roberts! Check out his music here: https://soundcloud.com/fonzzdawg1029

The details:
Doors open at 4pm. Show at 7:30pm. We recommend you get there early to ensure getting a good seat!
Wednesday, November 2nd
Frankford Hall
1210 Frankford Avenue

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