> Nerd Nite No. 77: Diatoms, Victorian Era Flirting, Movie Product Placement

Nerd Nite No. 77: Diatoms, Victorian Era Flirting, Movie Product Placement

Look, it’s the dog days of summer and we know how ruff (sorry) that can be, but there’s no reason to stay home and mope. Not when we have another incredibly strong Nerd Nite planned. Here’s what’s happening at our August Nerd Nite event:

Alison Minerovic will discuss Diatoms

This talk will examine the role of diatoms in our daily life, including how they produce the oxygen we breathe, some engineering and medical applications of their amazing siliceous skeletons, and even their use in beer filtration and gardening.

BIO: Alison Minerovic is the collection manager of the world’s second largest Diatom Herbarium, housed at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Alexis Pedrick, “Flirt Like a Victorian”

Get your history with a side of love, lust, and witty calling cards. As it turns out, navigating romance in the 19th century was just as weird, challenging, and full of unsolicited “sexts” as it is today. Dive into the fascinating social history of the Victorian era with tales that will make you appreciate Tinder and your ability to swipe left.

BIO: Alexis Pedrick is a huge history nerd who loves playing Dungeon and Dragons and enjoys being blinded by science in her position managing public programming for the Chemical Heritage Foundation. You can find her collaborating on projects like Science on Tap, Philadelphia Science Festival and leading tours as a volunteer guide at Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Ben Leach, “It Must Be What He Drinks on His Home Planet!: The Wacky World of Product Placement in Film”

Whether E.T. is lured by the delicious peanut butter and chocolate taste of Reese’s Pieces or Tom Hanks turns an official Wilson volleyball into his best friend, you know that it’s next to impossible not to be subjected to product placement in the movies after plunking down money for your ticket. Ben Leach enters Nerd Nite Philly’s hallowed 10-timers club by discussing the different ways in which movies attempt to seamlessly blend commercials into product placement. Really, though, this talk will serve as his excuse highlight some of the obscure films from the last couple of decades where the films were actually built around product placement to terrifying and mind-boggling results.

BIO: Ben Leach is a South Jersey-based science writer and web specialist who has managed not to integrate either of those careers into any of his 10 and counting Nerd Nite Philly talks. His parents took him to his first flea market when he was a month old, thereby conditioning him into an existence built around bargain hunting and amassing thousands of collectibles. He currently owns what he believes is the second or third largest private Mr. T collection in the world, unless there’s some bozo out there who’s holding out on him. He appeared on the Antiques Roadshow back in May, which really impresses people over the age of 60. He is planning to launch a new website around these varied interests and maybe he’ll have it done in time for the December Nerd Nite when he returns for The Cost is Correct: 1987 Edition.

Plus, music by local singer/songwriter Ryan Williams!

The details:

Wednesday, August 2nd. 7:30 pm.

Frankford Hall

1210 Frankford Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19125

$5 (CASH ONLY, there’s an ATM on site and a Wells Fargo up the street)

Doors open at 4, we recommend getting there early to get a good seat!



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