> Nerd Nite #86: Paleontology, STEM Gender Biases, Game Masters Giveaway

Nerd Nite #86: Paleontology, STEM Gender Biases, Game Masters Giveaway

Greetings Nerds! Our next Nerd Nite will be July 11 due to July 4 landing on our usual Wednesday (so go to the Jersey shore! Barbeque! Enjoy Welcome America!)

Here’s what we have lined up for you:

“The Science of Dinosaur Art” by Christopher DiPiazza

Prehistoric animals have always fascinated us. But how do we know what they really looked like? How much is imagination and how much is real science? Paleoartist, Christopher DiPiazza sheds light on the process of bringing long extinct beasts back to life through art.

Bio- Christopher DiPiazza is a paleoartist, employed by paleontologists and museums to paint life reconstructions of prehistoric animals as scientifically accurate as possible. He is also a full time science teacher, and was a zookeeper for over a decade. Christopher has a degree in animal science from Rutgers University.

Joshua Raclaw will be discussing Vocal Fry.

Kelley Commeford will be giving a talk about Gender Biases in STEM.

Plus, nerdy fun, surprises and perhaps even a giveaway or two!

Join us!

Nerd Nite Philadelphia

Wed., July 11. 7:30 pm (doors at 4, we recommend getting there early to ensure you score a good seat).

$5 cash only, there is an ATM onsite and a Wells Fargo up the street.

Frankford Hall

1210 Frankford Ave, in the heart of Fishtown

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