> Nerd Nite No. 57: Estuarine History! H.P. Lovecraft! Thundercats!

Nerd Nite No. 57: Estuarine History! H.P. Lovecraft! Thundercats!

It’s Nerd Nite time again! And, oh man, what a great one we have for you!

The specifics:

“Lovecraft: A Life of Terror” by Daniel Sanford

Howard Phillips Lovecraft is one of the most influential writers of horror fiction in the 20th century, with his works inspiring games, movies, and other writers. The Cthulhu mythos today is one of the most recognized geek icons, but who was the man behind these stories? Find out who H.P. Lovecraft was, why his work still resonates with people today, and where it can be found in popular culture.

Bio: Daniel Sanford is a systems administrator and former librarian. No evidence has ever been found that the was involved in the Area 51 sightings, or alien abductions. As a lifelong fan of science fiction he can be found discussing the effectiveness of imaginary technologies at your local pub.


“Up Your Estuary: A Journey of Historical Proportions Along the Delaware River” by Hal Taylor

Who found the Delaware River…and who named it? What is an oily fish good for? Did anything worthwhile ever come out of Camden, New Jersey? These and other burning questions will be answered during this illustrated symposium. You’ll meet the earliest explorers of the Delaware Valley, some of its most famous, infamous and colorful inhabitants, and visit various locations along 300 miles of riverfront and 400 years of history.

BIO: Hal Taylor has been a graphic artist for over 30 years, spending much of the lastfour of them researching, writing and creating artwork for his book “The Illustrated Delaware River: The History of a Great American River”. Trained as a typographer, Hal began developing his own custom lettering and logo designs and has developed over seven different original type designs which are available at a variety of online sources including fonts.com and myfonts.com. He has also been an instructor of typography and graphic design at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

“Hear the Roar: The Living Nightmare of Thundercats LIVE!” by Jon Vigile

Through its 60+ year life span, The Philadelphia Civic Center and Convention Hall played host to all kinds of people and events. Before the Spectrum was constructed in South Philadelphia or the Convention Center took up residence in Chinatown, the Civic Center was hosting the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, The Beatles, Pope John Paul II and Smokin’ Joe Frasier. For one weekend in 1987, the Civic Center hosted Thundercats LIVE!, a stage show so forgettable that it barely exists on the Internet … and as we are all painfully aware of the fact that EVERYTHING exists on the Internet.

Bio: Jon Vigile works in the healthcare information technology field and just so happens to be a pop culture specialist and collector of all things plastic. He is the editor doubledumbassonyou.com, which is your destination for nerd news, nostalgia and colorful metaphors. If it were a thing he would be a court certified expert in Big Trouble in Little China, and thanks to his daughters knows far too much about My Little Pony than he likes to admit in public.

With Music by The Means

Wednesday, February 3rd. 7:30 pm., $5
(Doors open at 4, we recommend arriving early to ensure you get a good seat).
Frankford Hall, 1210 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19125

Be There And Be Square, Yo.

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